Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homecoming, Day Five: Blue and Gold

The final day of Homecoming Spirit Week is traditionally set aside for the students to wear the school colors of blue and gold. The Man-Cub had no problem fulfilling that mandate since he is a football player and required to wear his jersey on game days.

The Teenager had to dig a little deeper for her wardrobe, into my wardrobe, to be exact; she borrowed a shirt from me and paired it with some items of her own.

Both kids looked fantastic.

This brings to an end, the wardrobe portion of Homecoming 2013. Up next, the scintillating adventures of Powderpuff Football, the parade, the Big Game, and, the dance, which, is a lot of posting about one week, but, hey, Homecoming only happens once a year, and, The Teenager's last Homecoming only happens once; a mothers got to make the most of the opportunities she has left, right?

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