Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The past few days have been full of win here at Casa de Chelle.

First, I only ended up taking four girls shopping for Homecoming dresses, and, all four girls found dresses that they liked and that they could afford.

Second, The Teenager's dress only cost $13 which means that, should a different dress come along between now and September 21st, a dress that The Teenager absolutely falls in love with, I won't feel the slightest bit guilty about buying it because I will have only spent $13  on the current dress (to be clear, she likes the $13 dress, she just doesn't LOVE it).

Third, the Man-Cub just texted from his JV football game and his team not only won, but the Cub played a lot and he played well. I'm so proud of him. I am a bit bummed that I couldn't be there to see the game but I couldn't get away from work. Still, lots of reason to be happy.

And, fifth, the Homecoming Powderpuff football game is back on the schedule!!!! I did it! I strong-armed the school administration into bringing back the game AND the volleyball players have been banned from participation, opening up the opportunity to girls who don't normally participate in school activities to play. I. Am. Pumped!

Now, where is my chicken dinner?

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