Thursday, September 12, 2013


I planned an elaborate menu of cold-weather snacks and beverages for yesterday's Porch Night, expecting chilly temperatures and rain, so; Mother Nature provided us with warm temperatures and sunshine because Mother Nature is a fickle bitch.

While I was slightly bummed at having to forego coffee with Bailey's or hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps, I did go right ahead and enjoy the BBQ meatballs and cocktail wieners; I simply chased the hot food with a nice cold glass of chilled white wine and called it good.

Speaking of good things, the unexpected sunshine gave Hugh ample time to work on the fire pit and we are ever so much closer to hosting the kids' friends for s'mores and roasted hot dogs. Possibly by next weekend, which, coincidentally, is Homecoming weekend.

In other good news, the Man-Cub took the written test required to obtain his driving permit, today. He passed, which means that he can pick up the official permit on his fifteenth birthday a week from Monday.

In other, not necessarily so good news, I am old.

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