Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eating From the Bounty of the Land

For dinner tonight I made zucchini pasta with a spicy marinara sauce and bruschetta on the side. The pasta was made with zucchini from my garden and I also grew the basil and tomatoes for the bruschetta. Cooking from the garden is becoming a theme around these parts., which, considering that I usually give away the majority of my produce, is quite an achievement. And, while I wasn't certain how the children would receive the zucchini "noodles", I am happy to report that they were a big hit.

Tomorrow I am going to make dill pickles with some of the zillions of cucumbers that grew overnight this past week. Then, I'm going to bust out my Grandma Molly's recipe for bread and butter pickles and I'm going to make those, too. Hell, if I feel really adventurous, I may pickle some beets for good measure.

Except, I hate pickled beets, so, never mind that.

I will roast those bastards, though. With carrots and summer squash. Because nothing shall go to waste this year, so help me, God.

Also, I am going to sign up for a subscription to The Farmer's Almanac just as soon as I finish those pickles.

But, for now, I am going to sit down and get some rest because gardening and cooking are exhausting and I may be channeling my inner pioneer but I have no problem sitting on my twenty-first century ass to recover.

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