Thursday, August 14, 2014

When Navigating the River Denial, the Key is to Keep Paddling

Have I mentioned lately that The Teenager's last night under our roof is fast approaching? Maybe a time or two, you say? Well, apparently I have also mentioned it adequately enough to worry the people with whom I have frequent- if not daily- contact; that can be the only explanation for the recent spate of concerned inquiries regarding the delicacy of my emotional state from everyone I run into, including-but-not-limited-to: my co-workers, my boss, my boss's boss, the postman, grocery clerks, other parents, friends of The Teenager, friends of the Man-Cub, my dentist, my dermatologist, my hair stylist, my massage therapist, most of my relatives, and, on occasion, The Teenager, herself.

I'm fine, people!

I'm totally fine!

It's not like she's leaving tomorrow, for cripes' sake. I still have, like, five whole days with her. That's plenty of time to cram all the love in my heart down her throat like a mama bird feeding its baby.

Plenty of time.

And, when I'm not fawning all over the child like I'm going to miss her or something, I am keeping busy with the gazillion chores still to be done before we make that long drive over the mountain. For instance, tonight, I hosed down the porch in preparation for the going-away Porch Night-slash-BBQ that we are hosting for her on Saturday. I also meticulously planned the menu for that event: grilled brats, slow-baked beans, potato salad, and roasted corn-on-the-cob. I even remembered to ask Jana to make Rice Krispie Treats. I've also helped The Teenager purchase her textbooks online, provided packing tips for her belongings, purchased most of the items that she was still lacking for her dorm room, and put together the first of what I'm sure will be many care packages for her to open at school.

I'm staying ahead of the inevitable grief by staying busy because that's what I do.

So, when those well-meaning people stop me on the street to place a reassuring hand on my shoulder while cautiously asking me how I'm doing, you know, with The Teenager leaving and all; I can put on a bright smile and assure them that I am fine. I have plans, after all, la,la,la,la...

I'm fine.

But, thanks for asking; It's nice to know that I am going to have so many people to whine to when the need eventually arises.

See? Planning ahead, because that is also what I do.

And, I'm fine.

Fine, fine, fine.

Also, my porch is sparkly-bright and clean, because denial lends itself beautifully to busiwork.

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