Friday, August 08, 2014

Things To Do Today

-Spend my usual hour at the hardware store.

-Pack for the trip to New Mexico for the family reunion.

-Assure the cats that they will still be fed, which is necessary since there is a suitcase on the bed and it is becoming obvious to them that the human food source is plotting to escape.

-Write a check for $141, to be dropped off at the High School since I forgot my checkbook yesterday when I registered the Cub for his sophomore year (Throw up. In my mouth).

-Load the car, argue with Hugh over who gets to drive and who has to sit in the way back, watching DVDs with the Man-Cub (for the record, I will win).

-Remind The Teenager to take Dramamine, since the long and twisting mountain pass we are required to traverse always triggers her motion sickness.

-Drop that $141 check off at the High School.

-Stop at the first of two banks, this time for personal banking, which includes depositing money into our checking account so the $141 check written to the High School doesn't bounce like a rubber ball.

-Stop at the second bank, make deposit for the hardware store.

-Get gas. Remind the teenagers that there are snacks in the car and that they don't need the Red Bull to survive a three-and-a-half hour drive.

-Finally get on the road.

-Twist and turn our way to our final destination.

-Pray The Teenager doesn't throw up.

-Stop in the city of my alma mater for a brief visit with Jules, hopefully grab a bite to eat at my favorite college restaurant.

-Continue on our way.

-Arrive in New Mexico, hit the first available shopping mall for school-clothes shopping for The Teenager and Man-Cub.

-Meet my parents at the hotel.

-Stop planning and start going with the flow for the next twenty-four hours or so before it is time to load the car back up and head for home.

It's going to be a busy day.

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