Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn on the Porch

This has been a pretty odd season so far, the trees are only just beginning to change and, during my trip over the mountain for my conference earlier this week, I didn't see nearly the amount of color that I would typically expect to see at this time of the year.

But, that hasn't kept me from decorating the porch for autumn, in fact, I have probably managed to top my most over-the-top decorating of years past, because, I'm an overachiever like that. But, I love this time of year so I make no apologies.

I do make a killer pumpkin bread, which is also a staple of the autumn experience for me, but that is an entirely different post.*

*As an aside, am I the only person in existence who doesn't pee her panties in excitement when Starbucks breaks out the pumpkin spice lattes? Seriously? That shit is nasty. Salted caramel is where it's at, people. Salted caramel. That is all.

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