Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, She Didn't Say No...

The Man-Cub's epic plan to ask a friend to the homecoming dance didn't quite make it off the ground; the girl in question already had a date, a fact that the Cub learned prior to putting his plan into action.

So, he didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of asking and being turned down. That's a positive, right?

My poor baby. I hope he doesn't give up and asks another girl instead. I also feel terrible about not being at home to give him a pep talk (not that he needs it. I need it, but that's beside the point) and I hope that he doesn't circle back in therapy to this moment in time as the defining moment that totally ruined him.

Ok, so that might be a tad dramatic.


My heart sort of aches for my son (not that we are going to share that with him. m'kay?) and I wish that I was home to mix him a big glass of his favorite chocolate milk and to bake him a plate of freshly baked cookies. That kind of thing always worked for The Teenager, after all.

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