Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homecoming Week 2014: The Quest for a Date

Yesterday morning, with still no indication that the Cub was planning to ask Katie's little sister to the dance, I resigned myself to the fact that he was going alone, which was no big deal.

Mom and Dad took us all to our traditional Denny' breakfast, where The Teenager spent the better part of her meal texting with Katie while Katie texted with her sister, until, finally, Katie's sister just asked the most logical of all questions, which was: what if I just ask him?

Well, shit.

No one had thought of that.

So, utilizing an adorable picture and the Snapchat app, that is just what she did; the message came in just after we bid Mom and Dad a fond farewell as they made their way back to Mayberry and just as we entered the Hellmouth for groceries.

The Cub was both surprised and flattered, and, overcame his innate shyness to accept the request with an equally adorable thumbs-up photo via Snapchat (technology, the ultimate matchmaker).

Next, we quickly determined that his date's dress was black and a bowtie and corsage were procured.

It was the strangest Homecoming coupling that I have ever witnessed. Also, kind of the sweetest since Katie's sister appears to genuinely like the Cub. In fact, at some point last week, the Cub asked her if she was going with anyone to the dance, to which she replied she was not. She then asked him if he was going with anyone and he confirmed that he, too, was dateless. And the poor thing actually thought that the Cub was going to ask her, which, for us females, was a natural assumption to make, given the direction the conversation was going.

However, the Cub being the Cub (oblivious), simply wandered off and left the conversation (and, the girl) hanging. I'm sure he was paralyzed by his shyness and I'm glad that Katie's sister finally took control and just made the invitation, herself.

I'm also glad that the Cub (and Katie's sister) has a meddling sister who isn't willing to let his shyness ruin his chance for a good time.

And, they had a good time. They really did. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another post, as I have fifteen things that I am currently in the middle of accomplishing, and one of them requires my immediate attention. Also, I love a good cliffhanger, so... be continued.

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