Tuesday, September 02, 2014

If You're Going to Run With the Big Dogs...

I survived my weekend with the boys. And, can I just say; if I am going to hang with the boys, I am going to have to step up the workouts, like big time.

I did manage to hike over ten miles in two days, which doesn't look like much when I type it, but let me tell you, it was a lot. The first day, we hiked to Hanging Lakes, which, is about a three-hour hike, round trip. No biggie, right? Right. Except, we couldn't find a parking spot in the lot at the base of the trailhead, so, we ended up walking two miles from the next nearest lot just to get to the base of the trail. The walk to the trailhead didn't seem that bad; the walk back to the car after hiking up to the lake was a bitch.

But, despite some massive soreness in my hips, I did ok. I didn't even have the slightest problem with my feet, so, the stretches I have been doing for my plantar fasciitis have been extremely effective.

I will write about the hike in more detail later, but, since we took about 500 pictures,  think I will get some of those out of the way, first. Plus, I need a bit more time to recover. Even my brain is tired, y'all.

More later, when I've had a chance to recover.

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