Saturday, September 06, 2014

Things I Have Failed to Mention

I don't have anything particularly interesting to write about today, so, instead I will just crack open my brain and splatter this page with the random garbage that is currently floating around up there. Doesn't that sound like fun?!

The question was rhetorical, please don't feel like you have to answer it.

So, where to begin...

...September marks the sixth-month anniversary of my breakup with Diet Pepsi. That's right, I have been Diet Pepsi sober for six whole months. Still not a personal best, but, certainly a step in the right direction. I am still sucking down water and unsweetened iced tea like it is my job and I haven't actively craved a Diet Pepsi since Mile 6 of Hike-a-Palooza 2014. I'm pretty proud of myself for powering through that without caving to the desire, actually.

...While driving home from Hike-a-Palooza, we had a conversation with the Man-Cub wherein we determined that, although he had a good time with us, he is missing the company of his sibling. When we offered to adopt an orphan to keep him company, he was open to the idea. On the condition that it be a boy and that he not be, and I quote, "a dick". So, if any of you know of an adoption agency that specializes in orphans of the non-dick variety, please give me a shout out.**

...I am having my roots touched up again today and have decided to get my hair cut. I am hoping for long layers that will give my hair some body and swing without sacrificing the length that I have managed to achieve. Or, I will just submit to the will of the people and get a Mom Cut, like all of the other mothers we saw at The Teenager's college. I haven't quite decided yet.

...The Man-Cub has a football game this evening and then nothing else scheduled for the weekend. I see a lot of housework in my future.

...I am also hoping to finally make pickles from the numerous cucumbers that I pulled from my garden over the past two weeks or so. Assuming that cucumbers picked over a week ago are still pickle-ish.

...I also want to try to catch up on The Teenager's scrapbooks so that I can get to a place where I can work on the Man-Cub's; it would be nice to have his up-to-date when he graduates in three years.

...Speaking of the Cub, he brought home the order form for his class ring yesterday. I knew this was coming but I'm still shaken by the fact that it is time to order his ring; it seems like The Teenager graduated and left us just milliseconds after we ordered hers. I'm not ready for this.

...I have recently fallen off the wagon when it comes to healthy eating and sugar avoidance, so, I am starting over. Again. I need to remind myself how much better I feel when I am not poisoning myself with sweets.

...The weather is starting to turn cooler and I've noticed a few yellow leaves peeking out from the late-summer foliage. I've already busted out the autumn porch decorations and I'm on the hunt for mums with which to decorate the front steps (this year, I fully intend to plant them once they have served their decorative purposes. I'm doing it. I am).

...I am also weeding through my fall wardrobe to decide what stays and what goes into the donations pile. I'm looking forward to jeans and sweater and scarves and boots and to wearing my absolute favorite color palette of scarlett, garnet, teal, forest green, and royal purple.

...I am not looking forward to the harsh winter weather that will follow.

...And, I think that is about all I have for now; time to step back and look at the splatter pattern...not too shabby. It's no Picasso, but it'll do.

**This is not to say that we think there are orphans who are dicks. Or, that we are necessarily entertain the idea of adopting an orphan, non-dick or not. Also, how PC has our world gotten when I actually feel like I have to make a disclaimer about a joke on my personal blog? That is also a rhetorical question to which you need not feel pressured to respond.

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