Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming Week 2014: Days Two and Three

The Man-Cub's birthday yesterday took precedence over Homecoming, so I am playing catch-up with the weekly event posts. Not that it matters to anyone but me.

So, yesterday was Colorado Pride Day, and the Man-Cub didn't dress up because he didn't have anything Colorado-related to wear. This is ironic considering his sister's summer business venture consisted of making a million tie-dyed shirts featuring the Colorado flag...

...none of which she gave to her brother.

So, Colorado Pride Day, total bust.

Today, however, the Cub more than made up for his Homecoming slacking by dressing head to knee in the color assigned to the Sophomore class for Color Wars...

...the color was red, in case you, like the Man-Cub, happen to be colorblind.

Also, please excuse the crappy quality of that picture; it was taken by Hugh because I had already left for work by the time the Cub got dressed and Hugh is not exactly interested in photography as a hobby.

Tomorrow is Senior Citizen Day and, despite the fact that I supplied the Cub with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses (with the attached nose, naturally) and a cane, he is reluctant to dress up simply because he is scheduled to take the test for his driver's license, which, I mean, really? Would it honestly be that embarrassing for a sixteen year old boy to wear a cardigan and trousers to his driving test? Pshaw.

So, I may have to resign myself to the fact that the Cub will never be as active a participant in school festivities as his sister was. At least I know he will rock out on Blue and Gold Day since his football jersey is required apparel for the day.

I'm really starting to appreciate the small victories.

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  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, I recall you mentioning something about a bumber crop of purslane this year. Well, I just ran across this at Epicurious:

    No - I haven't tried it yet. My yard got sprayed with weed killer that kinda sorta worked. At least it killed the taco ingredient!

    Brian @