Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Take a Hike, Part Two

Day two of our Labor Day Hike-a-Palooza started with a hearty breakfast at the Village Inn, which, is where all Hike-a-Palooza breakfasts should be served. Then, armed with coffee-to-go, we made the forty minute drive to Rifle Falls State Park, which, is located outside of a town that is close enough to Petticoat Junction to be in our sports league, but, far enough away for us to have never heard of the park. I'm...not quite sure how that happened because the park is lovely.

When we arrived, there was one space left in the parking lot, so, we were already ahead of the game, if you compared it to the day before (which I clearly did. And, do). The hike to the falls took a lot less time than the hike the day before and was comparatively easy, given that there was no vertical climb over rocks and boulders. Instead, we enjoyed a slight incline that meandered around the falls, through a series of caves, up a slightly steeper incline, over the falls, and back down to the parking area.

Our entire time in the park lasted about two hours and we hiked two miles. I won't estimate how much climbing we did but, it's safe to say; the Man-Cub did the most (SHOCKER).

My hip cooperated quite well, thanks to the soak in the mineral hot springs the night before and, with the easier terrain, I actually enjoyed the hike quite a bit. I did not, however, enjoy the tiny caves that Hugh and the Man-Cub insisted on exploring any more than I enjoyed the thrill rides at the amusement park that we had visited the previous day, following the hike to Hanging Lakes (hiking and heights, in general, were the themes of our weekend, in case you haven't clued in). I'm just not that interested in possible self-mangling at the hand (paws?) of a bear or death by a fall from great heights (how high? THIS high....

...that's some messed up shit, right there), so, call me crazy.

So, while the males crawled through the crevices, I entertained myself with thoughts of bubble baths and pedicures. Because, despite the fact that I currently live solely with males and critters of the make persuasion, I am female and I like feminine things.

Which is why I am planning our next weekend getaway. I'm thinking less outdoorsy stuff and more culture, in fact, the Man-Cub might just have to sit through a musical. Hey, if I can hike ten miles in two days, he can sit through a couple of dance numbers.

That's fair.

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